Friday, 2 March 2012

Finishing up

The last thing to do on the jacket was to think about the centre front closure. I settled on secure, alternating  hooks and eyes so that the jacket would stay closed.

I fixed the lapels to the jacket with a short bar tack, so that there is a little degree of flexibility, and the lapels don't pull too much.

Finally, at the very end of making this jacket, I suddenly realised that I had sewn the sleeve vents in backwards! (They were facing the wrong direction). I was really, really annoyed with myself as I wish I had noticed when I cut out the sleeve. This shows the importance of constantly checking! I didn't have enough fabric to re-cut and re-make the sleeve (and didn't really want to repeat the sleeve nightmare all over again) so I decided to unpick the sleeve vents, chop them off, and sew up the sleeve seams normally. I tried to make this as inconspicuous as possible and it is only really noticeable if you examine the sleeve linings clearly. An annoying mistake, but I came to a compromise. (The sleeve vents only served a decorative purpose, anyway).

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