Thursday, 8 March 2012

A finished suit!

Some thoughts on this suit...

This suit has certainly proved the challenge I had anticipated it would be: it has stretched my mind to discover and come up with solutions to problems, and the process of converting my male tailoring knowledge to the female body has been a very interesting one. Thinking about this has really heightened my understanding of the body (both male and female), its contours and shapes, and how fabric can and should be manipulated above the body in order to create the desired silhouette, smoothing out lines and shapes.

Overall, I must say that I really enjoyed making this suit. It was extremely challenging, which I feel leaves me better-equipped to face the future! Obviously the suit is still imperfect (I am most unhappy with the sleeves) but I have improved in my understanding as well as my skills - something which pleases me greatly and which makes me feel more confident in my abilities as a trainee tailor. I feel much more prepared about approaching tailoring workrooms now, and am excited to continue to develop my skills and knowledge in tailoring in the future.

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