Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Second fitting

I held the second fitting as soon as wel came back from the Easter holiday as I really wanted to get ahead with the project; overall I am trying to work as efficiently as possible to allow for extra time at the end of EMP as a safety net!


As suspected there were problems across the bodice. Strangely, even though I had had to add length to the bodice before, it was now too long and gaped open terribly. I took it up at the shoulders. The cross-over bodice needed to pleat down more sharply, in order to get the straight diagonal line which mimicked that of the point across the body. The point of the skirt needed to come even higher, and the pleat at the lower bodice needed to be moved more centrally so that the fullness lies at the apex of the busy - where it needs to!

The line of the bodice at the sides, though, lay nicely.

Despite my efforts at hanging the fabric, it had dropped quite noticeably across the centre of the skirt. This would have to be unpicked at one of the seams and smoothed across.

Alterations as expected, but nothing too terribly drastic. It has made me feel relatively positive about my making skills as I do have to put them into perspective - as with my tailoring skills! Normally bias-cut dressmaking is a really specialised skill in this wide field of making and cutting; it takes years of practice to learn just how to handle the fabric. It\s easy to overwork as the bias stretches so easily, so I have definitely noted to really hang the fabric for as long as possible, and even to tack the whole dress together and hang it on the stand for a week or so prior to machining everything together at all.

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