Wednesday, 14 March 2012

First fitting

I held the first fitting immediately after cutting out my amended patterns...


When we first put on the dress, with the underwear that I had considered, many things were clear. Firstly that the dress should be worn with no bra, simply because the drape required the natural placement of the breasts.

The line of the seams around the thighs was actually quite good. but there was a problem regarding the bodice portion. The dress simply wasn't sitting in the right place. We realised that the waist seam line did need to come to the actual natural waist. At first I was advised to move all the parts in the pattern pieces around but this seemed extremely complicated.  I realised that the simplest solution would simply be to lower the dress itself, on the figure, by adding length from the shoulders. Suddenly everything fell into the right place, without the need for such drastic alterations!

There were still a few things to be changed: to add more volume to the bodice across places, and to raise the point at the bodice centre front.


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