Monday, 23 April 2012

Finishings & the placket

I have top-stitched the point at the bodice to draw attention to it, which I discovered in Blandford.

I then trimmed and layered the seam allowances at the bodice-skirt seam, and slip-stitched a piece of bias binding on top to cover this neatly, and re-enforce the seam.

I made a narrow placket for the CB closure out of a piece of straight-grain fabric, then started putting popper onto it. I chose poppers which I thought would be the right size and sewed most of them on, but when I tried to close the placket it was obvious that they were far too bulky for the delicate silk dress, and didn't provide a 'clean' closure. I had made a bad choice of fastening for I hadn't considered the depth/height of the popper, just the width. It looked terrible and nothing for it but to un-pick.

First I thought that more delicate poppers were needed, perhaps ones half the size. But upon  re-considering my original research I think that using small hooks and bars will be better as I can get the edge of the fastening right against the edge of the CB and keep it all as flat as possible.

Additionally I have to un-pick some of the dress to allow for dropping before I can set the hem and do the remaining finishing!

A frustrating week of "one step forward, two steps back" yet I continue undeterred....there is nothing for it but to put it in the consideration for future experience.

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