Saturday, 10 March 2012

Considering the design

The dress which I have chosen to make:
(Laubner, 2000, p.50).

There are important things to note about this image when considering is because, importantly, it is a fashion illustration and not a photograph which can be more clearly replicated. Therefore:
  • It represents an idealised, imagined dress according to the designer/illustrator
  • Therefore an exact replica is impossible
  • The proportions are exaggerated: longer legs, for instance. And it may not be possible to exactly interpret all of the lines on a figure
  • Everything looks totally smooth and perfect, for instance the draping of the upper bodice into the fitted midriff section. This may not be completely possible!
  • Additionally I have made the decision not to make the train at the lower hem of the skirt. This is simply for practical and monetary reasons; additionally, floor-length evening gowns without trains were equally, if not more, common during this period.

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