Friday, 17 February 2012

Second fitting


This now fits well around the hips, however the zip does not lie nicely. Mandy has suggested machining down the zip to get it to lie flat. I will practice on a sample first before altering it.

The length of the skirt is good. I have decided to make it flare out slightly below the knee, as the pleats at the back of the skirt are not giving sufficient volume to create the right silhouette. This is a simple alteration.

The jacket needs to be taken in very slightly along the CF to draw it together.

We raised the neckline and top of the lapel once more as it wasn't sitting in its proper place.
On the back, the neckline needed to be lowered. It wasn't sitting in the right place due to the shoulder pads.

The amount of height that the shoulder pads added also meant that the cloth fell into hollows around the shoulder blades. This will be smoothed out with a piece of hair canvas.

Overall, my first experience with shoulder pads - and ones which are especially large - has been really useful as it has has taught me all of the things I must consider when using them, both at the pattern drafting stage and in the making-up process. This will be really helpful in the future when I am working professionally, as I will have no problems with using shoulder pads, and building them to specific shapes.

Apart from these minor alterations, it was a good fit on the figure. Of course everything will lie flatter once it has been properly sewn and pressed flat.

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