Sunday, 12 February 2012

Preparing for second fitting

Even though I have already fitted a toile and made alterations to my blocks, I have decided to have a second fitting prior to making up and finishing the body of the jacket just to double-check  that everything fits well. Fit is what concerns me with this tailoring project, which is why I am being so thorough about continually re-checking and revising the blocks: it wasn't quite as necessary with male tailoring, as there were fewer contours involved.

I am tacking all pieces of the jacket body together, top tacking the seams and basting in canvases. This is normally how I would have taken a [male] jacket to a first fitting. Despite being time-consuming, doing this is proving extremely useful as it has made me consider how I will put the finished jacket together when I begin to machine it. There are a lot of pieces in the jacket, and there are also many seam allowances which will have to be trimmed down and pressed in one way or another. This is therefore a useful exercise which allows me to visualise the next stage. In the future, I will therefore be clearer about how to proceed with making a female jacket.

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