Friday, 4 November 2011

Time management

Thus far, I have not kept to the initial work plan at all. Even though I now have an idea of what needs to be done in a suit and very rough timings for elements, I had not anticipated quite how long things would take now that I am matching all of the checks up. Things have therefore taken much longer than planned overall. Additionally, I really struggled with the pockets so this has proved quite a set-back. As the pockets were so frustrating, I varied my work by taking the trousers to completion. I feel that, once the initial problems with the trouser draft were overcome, the trousers have progressed very nicely. I struggled with various elements of the trousers on the 1890s suit I made for SDP, so feel that in this my standard of working has improved.

Even though I have not kept to the timing on my initial work plan, I don't feel worried for I do believe that I will get the suit finished by the deadline. I will re-visit the work plan in order to think about what I have still to get done, and when I can do this. Overall, though, I have been working very hard throughout the project so I don't feel as though I am behind.

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