Sunday, 4 December 2011

Team Work

Working in a team had been something that I was looking forward to within this project. Overall, as a team we have come together mainly at the beginning of the project, and then at the end. As I was confident in how I was to make the Narrator's suit, and more than happy in coming up with solutions to areas I was unsure of, I have enjoyed working with the rest of the makers in aiding them come up with solutions of their own. Obviously I have not been dictatorial since we are all working on our own projects; but I have enjoyed coming up with suggestions, such as with some elements of the Devil's costume (how to make it look like vines are growing up from the feet - in chatting with Emily H. I suggested nude power mesh attached to the lower portion of the leg).

After the initial brainstorming we more or less went our separate ways, in constructing the costumes. However, overall, I have found working in this team incredibly supportive. I truly feel that, although we have been working on completely different things (aside from Emily M., whom I have always worked closely with as she is making the Narrator's waistcoat) we have come together very well. Upon reflection, I believe that this might not always be possible, particularly if it is on a very large production with really huge teams. Additionally, people's personalities may not always be so that everyone always gets along. In this way, we may have been lucky! However due to this project I truly see the importance of close team work, especially when it comes to show week! As such, I have agreed to go along to Poole to fit the orchestra's costumes, and have offered some extra time to the Supervisor in order to help with the additional alterations which I expect will be inevitable!

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