Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Photographing the Suit

I decided to have the suit photographed with the Narrator in full costume. I felt that it was important to have a really good photo of the suit for my portfolio, for I know that I will want to show potential interviewers this project: this suit, although still with a myriad of faults, is so much better than the one I made for SDP and has been a piece of really complex work that I want to display. I was unable to confirm whether photos would be taken of the show, and was also unsure how much access I would have of it after the performance when it went into the Costume Store. Additionally, I wanted a really clear photo of the suit. The Actor was more than happy to do this for me, and the Supervisor was also happy for me to use the other components of the costume. I therefore made sure that I did this with the least inconvenience to the other members of the show team.

Jana, the photographer, is still working on photos but here are just a few more now. We made sure to photograph certain details as well as the overall suit.

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