Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Jacket - applying the pockets

The pockets are proving extremely challenging, and frustrating. I had learnt how to do jetted and welt pockets in SDP but decided to make up a sample of a flap pocket so that I could practice working with the checked cloth. Despite this I am finding matching the checks really difficult and have had to re-do stages many times over. I am determined to do a good job as I want the suit to look really sharp and excellent - as would befit the character of the Narrator. Additionally, the suit bears the extra, external context of going into the AUCB Costume Store, thus will have to match the standard of the other suits there, many of which are not made by students but are professionally done.

It has taken me a very long time to finish the pockets, and the checks mostly match. I have shown them to other people just to get a second opinion and the general consensus seems to be that the checks match up - when not subjected to critical scrutiny! At this stage, having re-done them so many times, I really feel that I must move on and progress with the rest of the jacket as if I keep on fussing with the pockets then I will fall behind schedule. Although I feel that the pockets could have been better, ultimately I can only get better with more practice; as I make more suits in the future, so will my pockets improve.

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