Friday, 2 December 2011

The button fiasco

There has unfortunately been a set-back with the buttons. The Designer and the Buyer went to Button Queen in London to purchase buttons for the suit on Tuesday. They had asked my opinion prior to this and I had advised plain bone or horn buttons which blend into the suit without much notice. This was according to my research in tailoring books, which advised on button choices. Rebecca had said much the same.

They bought buttons which were a bright chestnut in colour, and in leather. I wasn't sure about the choice but felt that as the Designer had bought them, then her decision would have to have final say. The colour felt far too bright, but I was told that I could take the colour down with boot polish, as they were leather.

However, I felt that I should show them to Rebecca to check before sewing them all on. Her reaction was strongly against them; she pointed out that they were the style of buttons used for Harris Tweed jackets, not the type of suit that I had made. I explained that I had had the same misgivings about them but thought that I should concede to what the Designer had chosen. However, Rebecca pointed out that as the suit was going to be in the AUCB Costume Store after the production, her say (that the buttons were unsuitable) would have to override whatever the Designer had chosen. I suppose that I should have been more insistent on the type of button that they had bought; in any case I will know to make it clearer if things have to be in a particular way. This seems very important in classic styles of tailoring, as there are so many rules which must be followed.

 Luckily Mandy is going to London anyway this week-end so she will buy new buttons for the suit that I can sew on. Even though it is so close to the deadline, this shouldn't be too much of a problem as I don't think that it will take me too long to sew on the buttons, and I can do so when the costume parade is taking place on Monday.

I have asked for extra buttons to be bought to sew into the lining, in case they fall off and need to be replaced in the future. This is important for the suit will be placed in the AUCB Costume Store after the production, and will be used in the future.
I will be sure to buy extra buttons for all costumes I make in the future, as it is simply something I have not considered previously.

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