Thursday, 17 November 2011

Final fitting

This time the whole team were present for the fitting: The Director was there as well as Rebecca, and everyone else concerned.

John tried on the suit with the calico sleeves and calico collar on the jacket. A few changes had to be made to the trousers: taking in the waist at the back darts, and lengthening the trouser hems. The calico sleeve was too tight and we discussed letting it out by 1/4" at each seam.

The sleeve now sits better in the armhole, but is too tight around the upper arm in particular, due to the bulk of the shirtsleeves. The collar draft is incorrect; as you can see from this picture, it does not lie closely enough to the body.

The collar was incorrect and I will have to look at the draft again; however this can be done on the stand. The collar is sitting too far out from the body so I will need to change some lines to bring it in closer. I will re-cut the collar in calico on the stand until the pattern works.

The collar needs to be taken in by changing the curves on the pattern; this can be done on the stand

I will also slip stitch down the back vents by about an inch, as they are too long:

We talked about accessories such as buttons and a handkerchief. Unfortunately I had forgotten to bring the buttons that had initially been bought for the suit, which was careless of me. In the future I must be sure to remember to bring all elements of the costume to the fitting. I may write a checklist beforehand to remedy this.

The trousers looked good this time now that they had been shortened at the crutch, although I have to take them in a little more at the back darts. They also need to be lengthened at the bottom hems.

Trousers will be taken in more at the back

More period-correct shoes are necessary.

The length of the trousers is now good around the hips, but too short at the bottom hems.

 Overall I am pleased with how the fitting went. Although it is annoying that I have to alter the trouser waistband when I had already finished it off, it shouldn't actually take too long, and is a lesson in being completely sure of an accurate fit in a garment before finishing it off.

Once again, the Actor was really enthusiastic about the suit, as was the Director. This is extremely encouraging, for it motivates me in getting the suit completed as well as doing a really good job. I think it also shows that my interpretation of the costume according to the character (of the Narrator) was done well, for the Actor is so happy about his costume, and appears to get into character immediately upon putting it on!
The Actor is also readily verbal about the fit of the suit, immediately pointing out places where he feels uncomfortable. This is very helpful to me as it draws attention to parts of the suit which have to be altered. It also helps me understand the main areas in the suit which can cause discomfort, and where flexibility and movement must be considered. In the future I will know where to look for strain, as all actors may not always be as communicative as this one. 

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