Wednesday, 12 October 2011

work plan, fabric & time management

Drawing up the work plan for SP was an extremely helpful process. As I now know the steps to go through in making the tailored suit, I was able to easily divide up the weeks available. I used a month calendar format to make envisioning time simpler, and a colour-coded system to make clear deadlines and other important events obvious. It was soon very clear that the first fitting would have to take place as soon as possible after pattern drafting. This meant that I would need the cloth fairly soon.

Grace and Rose went fabric sampling in London on Thursday 6th October and returned with a variety of samples. This was obviously very soon after the briefing itself but I explained to them that as no toile is made in tailoring, I required the top fabric as soon as possible. They were gracious about accommodating this. I had recommended them to just buy the wool for the suit if they saw one that Rose liked, giving them examples of a suitable weight of cloth. However despite finding a cloth suitable in design and within budget, they wanted to check with me first before buying. This is understandable since due to the period the play is set in the cloth required is a heavier weight wool (10-12oz) and not a lightweight, more modern suiting. So it is understandable that if they did not feel familiar enough with tailoring fabrics to be comfortable enough to just buy it. Unfortunately though, since they did not buy it, by the time that Aimee (the buyer for the AUCB productions) returned to Shepherd's Bush on Monday, the cloth had been bought by someone else.

This has meant a delay in getting the cloth to me, and thus a delay in cutting. Grace and Rose looked through fabric sample books in the archive and though we found beautiful cloths from tailoring houses they weren't in budget, or delivery would take too long. So they are hoping to look in further fabric shops in the area for more wools. If not, by chance there is a suitable cloth in the Costume Haberdashery which Rose would be happy to use if she definitely can't find anything else.

Though this has meant that I've been delayed in cutting the fabric, I have been making full use of the "spare" time. Obviously the work plan I drew up has to be flexible; it is the nature of working on a live project that things change and some times may take longer than planned, simply due to unforseen circumstances. Hopefully I will get the cloth by tomorrow (13th October) and can work towards a fitting on the following Tuesday morning (18th October).

Meanwhile I have been going through my tailoring notes from SDP and doing everything I can before I get the cloths, such as preparing canvases.

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