Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Soldier's Tale. Briefing & Meeting the team

It was very exciting to meet with the production team; we are a small team and I feel that I will enjoy the process of working together to put on the show. Although I had initially hoped for the Devil finale costume to work on, in order to develop my textile work, I am really just as happy with the Narrator's suit. Making this suit will give me the opportunity to consolidate and strengthen the tailoring skills I learnt during SDP last term, as well as extend them with the notable challenge of making a suit in checked fabric, as well as including the extra style areas (pockets, cuff buttons, back vents on the jacket) that the Designer wants.

The Designer seems very certain of how she wants the costume to look, and of course the most important thing is that it meets her vision. I am therefore going to work very closely with her, and consult her at all stages where decisions concerning style areas are needed. She however is happy to defer to specific tailoring requirements which I may need to point out, such as the cloth (weight and fibre content) and button sizes, etc.

It has been decided (by the tutors) that Emily M. will be making the Narrator's waistcoat as the jacket is so much work. At first I was slightly disappointed in this as I wanted to be able to make the whole costume; however upon reflection I have come to agree with the decision, as the jacket will be so much work. Additionally, I must remember that I did not complete the jacket for SDP for hand-in, and of course since A Soldier's Tale is a live project, there is no question that it will have to be finished! I will therefore have to work closely with Emily on the waistcoat, so that it is completely in harmony with the rest of the suit; for instance, that the checks match up from the waistcoat down the trousers.

I will also need to work closely with the Supervisor who is managing the budget and organising the fittings.

As we are such a small team, all four of us Makers have decided to sit on a large table in a particular corner of the studio so that we can communicate on a daily basis regarding the costumes. In this way we should be able to support each other when needed; it should also be easier for the Designer and Supervisor to find us should they need to see something in particular. We have decided to put together a contact sheet with all phone numbers and e-mail addresses so that again, we can communicate.

At this stage I am excited and nervous about working on the production, however I am happy in that I feel that I will be working within a supportive environment, and amongst a supportive team.

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