Thursday, 27 October 2011

Second trouser fitting

I organised a second trouser fitting which the Actor was more than happy to come to. This was very kind of him. From my work experience in west end theatre wardrobe departments, I have been made aware of some actors' occasional unwillingness to come to fittings. This was not a large official fitting unlike the first one, for it was more to check the fit of the trousers. So though I did mention it to the Designer so that she could pop in, I was able to just quickly organise it on my own.

Due to the alterations in the length of the crutch, the trousers now fit really well; the length of the crutch was good. I had marked but not tacked in the darts which proved to be useful as we pinned them in the exact place. They were slightly to one side and thus not really doing the right thing. It is important to place them in the small of the back, for this is where the body dips in, thus the trousers must follow. In the future, I will think about the proportion of the draft when considering the position of the darts; the Actor is young and has a slim and athletic body. Therefore his blocks are slimmer and slightly narrower than the blocks which would be drafted for an older man. This changes the positions of certain elements (pockets, darts etc).

We also moved the crease lines to be more central on the legs. There had been an inconsistency in marking the crease lines as when I put the pieces together and pinned on the pattern ready to mark tack the pieces, one piece of cloth had shifted slightly somewhere in the middle. So one leg's crease line was askew. I was able to easily rectify this as the checked fabric provided good guidelines. However it is something to be aware of in the future.

The Designer was really happy with the overall look and fit of the trousers, which was excellent and quite encouraging.

Overall I am really pleased with this fitting, and that the alterations were successful. I am relieved to now be able to progress further with the trousers, for I had been growing worried about falling too far behind my proposed work plan.

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