Monday, 3 October 2011

Learning Agreement

In this unit I will make a two-piece tailored suit for the character of the Narrator in the AUCB production of ‘A Soldier’s Tale’. As my career goal is to work in small scale theatre productions, the experience of working in a small and closely-knit team will greatly aid my personal development. I will make sure to communicate regularly with the Supervisor and Designer, in order to accurately create the designer’s vision for the play. I intend to work closely with all team members, including lending support to other makers when appropriate, in order to create a consistency across the production.

I intend to build upon the skills and knowledge that I gained in making the 1890s lounge suit for SDP so as to produce a costume with an increased professional finish. I intend to work as independently as possible in constructing the suit, in order to test and improve my ability, for I now know many of the processes needed in order to construct the suit. Thus the challenge is to work consistently to a high standard in order to better my previous suit. I will use the knowledge gained in pattern cutting to support my development in this area, which has often been a weakness. With regards to time management, I will draw up a workplan breaking down the stages of the suit to guide my work, so that I am able to meet the deadline.

Additionally, further challenges are presented in the addition of extra style areas and the complex checked fabric. As the audience will be quite close to the actors, costumes will have to be of a high standard in order to bear scrutiny, in terms of both fit and finish. I intend to create a high-quality and durable suit, which will be able to be used for many productions after this, as part of the AUCB Costume Store. This will further aid my personal development as a maker, as it reflects the nature of theatre productions in a professional environment. 

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