Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Considering the design

I spoke to Rose about her vision for the narrator's character; she saw him being an older character, in his 50s perhaps; a kindly figure, and in contrast to the naivety of the young soldier he is wise and empathetic. The play is set during the 1st World War (1914-1918) and the Director has re-set it in England. So the play consists of the soldier's journey home whilst on leave, with the action taking place as he walks through the country side.

The suit should be made to traditional bespoke tailoring techniques as I learnt with Graham - without a doubt. The feel of the design definitely suggests country tweeds and heavier woolen cloths. As the narrator is older I am going to research suits from around 1910 - slightly earlier to when the play was set, as we both felt that his character would be unlikely to have just bought a fashionable new suit at that point in the story.

In terms of the context of the costume, the play only has four actors. The Narrator wears the suit throughout the story, therefore it is integral that it informs his character. So the suit will have to fit him perfectly and look as though it is of a high quality, since it would probably have been tailored for him in the play's recent past. Additionally, the venue presents an intimate space so the suit will have to be able to bear the scrutiny of the audience. Tailoring's challenge is in making everything crisp and perfect, as unlike with other styles of costume there is nowhere to hide any imperfections. So it will have to be of a high standard and a professional quality.

The suit will have to have lots of pockets as the Director wants him to pull out a variety of props as the play progresses. These will have to be strong and relatively roomy.

As the play is set to music; it was originally a musical piece, composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1918. Having listened to an audio recording of the score, it has become clear to me that the Narrator will have a lot to say; the music is also very lively. It is likely that the Actor will move around a lot within his role as the Narrator. Therefore certain parts of the costume will have to be very strong in order to hold up to this. Taking action such as double-stitching the crutch seam on the trousers and making sure that the sleeves are set in strongly should accommodate the movement.

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