Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Breaking Down

During a tutorials, Rebecca has mentioned breaking down the suit. Breaking down has been mentioned previously (such as in our initial group meeting) however prior to this I had not really considered that I would need to do it for this suit.  Rose sees the Narrator as fairly well off, and of an upper-middle or upper class - though this may be indeterminate, he is certainly not poor or working class. The very fact that he wears a wool suit which has been tailor-made to his own person speaks volumes about the character's economic and class situation; he is quite unlike the Devil character in the Old Man form, for instance, whom Rose sees as wearing very broken down, dirty clothes. Because of the Narrator's own character and class therefore I do not see it necessary to greatly distress or dirty the suit. However, both Rose and I believe that the Narrator would not be wearing  a brand-new suit; he would have worn it a lot, over many years. I consider that this would foremost be down to the economic situation during the First World War, however perhaps it is also the Narrator's favourite suit. This is being achieved by my looking at suit styles from a little prior to WWI; however there should be a little more to this. Rather than looking broken down, I feel that the suit should look broken in. It should not look like a very shiny suit straight off the tailor's cutting table, but like it is has been worn in. I hope to achieve this by finishing the jacket prior to the show (as scheduled in my Work Plan) and allowing the Actor to wear the jacket in rehearsals.

Although the Narrator would theoretically be walking across the potentially muddy fields in the story, Rose is adamant that she does not want his shoes or trousers to be muddy. She does not want him to look scruffy or dishevelled in any way; but to look smart. I agree with Rose as I also feel that this would not befit his type of character, and I am therefore not considering breaking down the trousers in this way at all.

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