Sunday, 1 May 2011

Weekly summary

This week we returned for the fitting having no idea how to progress! The lining still hasn't arrived.
Graham gave demos on trouser pockets, patch pockets, and gave us some handouts of how to progress.
My aim for the week was to complete as much of the waistcoat & trousers as was possible. Initially I had thought that without the lining I would be extremely limited but we have managed to find compromises. I.e. the pockets are made with cotton pocketing (generally silesia) as opposed to lining fabric, which has allowed me to finish the waistcoat pockets. It is acceptable for the trouser fly & waistband linings not to match the rest of the suit, so I have used another fabric for this.

Having a 3-day week at uni has been really annoying since it limits the amout of tutor taught time available. However I have completed all that I can this week.

I have been working at home over this 4-day weekend and have found restrictions within Graham's handouts re: trousers. The instructions are quite brief. Mary and I discussed solutions together and I have tried to deduce solutions of my own. We have also tried looking in books such as 'The Art of the Tailor' (Doyle, 2005). I'm trying to use my judgement regarding solutions to certian matters. I want to make progress: I am so conscious of the fact that we have hardly any time of this project left! However we have been limited by a lot of factors including delays in the arrivals of cloth, and limited tutor contact time. Unfortunately with this particular project there is only so much we can do on our own, we definitely need taught time.

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