Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thoughts on jacket & completion of suit

Overall I can say that the jacket has been the most challenging and complex piece of work. The jacket is unfinished for hand-in - as we were counselled by Graham not to rush the piece, and produce something which is of poor quality simply to have a finished suit.

So the jacket will be handed in without sleeves or collar. We will continue to work on this up to the end of term. We need to schedule a photoshoot, and work out with Ase when to get buttons, etc, as well as when to deliver the suit.

At first I was quite disappointed that the jacket would not be finished for hand-in but this is mostly because I wasn't aware of quite how much work there would be. I have definitely come to agree that quality of the finished piece is far more important than speed! additionally the context in which the suit will be placed demands it: it will be a stock piece in the wardrobe at Arts Ed so will be used many times in their productions in the future. It is not as if it is being knocked up quickly for a two-performance run. In this case I don't think that the overall quality and strength would be important. So there are double reasons for which the suit should not be rushed, and to give good quality results...as well as for my own learning and development of course!

This whole project has been about learning, learning techniques and processes. The jacket encompasses many of these and the processes used - possibly particular to tailoring? - are ones which I would never have thought of. It has seemed a lengthy piece of work and at times I have felt very daunted by the sheer amount that there was. But overall I think that it has helped improve my confidence. Confidence in my ability to apply my learning and will definitely lead to greater confidence in my making projects in Level 6.

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