Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thoughts on the future

I've already mentioned that I want to re-make the trousers. I'll do this over the summer in my own time. i also have several requests for waist coats which I am looking forward to making.

In terms of development at uni itself; I think that it would be a good idea to do another tailoring project in Level 6 in the autumn term, so as to reinforce what we have just learnt. It is probably best to do it with a short a time gap as possible so that I haven't completely forgotten everything that I've learnt!
 In level 6 I also want to try some early 20th Century women's tailoring, possibly tailored suits from the 1940s. The cuts could get quite complicated and I am interested to see how tailoring processes apply to womenswear. Although I have really enjoyed the clean lines and definite precision involved in men's tailoring, my heart does lie in womenswear.

I'm not sure if I still will do the tail coat that I mentioned at the very start of the project. It is just so difficult because there are SO many different things that I want to try out, and at uni itself I don't think that I'll have the time! I can of course try things out in my own time...making for willing men in my family! I feel like this whole project has been just the start of a tailoring adventure. I wonder if I should try and find work, or at least a work placement, in a theatrical tailoring workroom? The future looms ahead!

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