Saturday, 14 May 2011

Finished trousers

So now I have finished my trousers!
I had a few issues with the trousers, namely on the waistband. As I mentioned before, I made a few mistakes but have managed to rectify my errors as best as I could, and overall am fairly satisfied with the result. Even though there are some things wrong, and I used a wrong process, I am actually happy to have made the mistakes. This is because making them has ground into my head the proper way to do them - and more importantly the reasons why it is the proper way. This has left me with a much deeper understanding. I am planning to make another pair of trousers over the summer very similar to this, but with a separate waistband (and no fishtail back), so that I can reinforce these realisations and knowlege. I am actually really looking forward to this! Of course once I am more confident in this simple style of trouser, I feel that I will be able to approach more complicated cuts (such as with pleats, etc) with more confidence. In many ways I feel that making the mistakes now will prevent me from making them again in the future.

I enjoyed making these trousers - both the pattern cutting (believe it or not) and the making up. They also fit the actor quite nicely at the fitting which says good things about the pattern draft.

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