Monday, 16 May 2011

Final thoughts on workplan

Drawing up the work plan was not easy. As I mentioned before, the mountain of a project that seemed to be this 3 piece tailored suit was vast. The idea of it was huge and filled with uncertainty. We had only made a waistcoat before but I knew that there would be so many new processes that I couldn't even conceive. Doing a bit of research into tailoring techniques helped but was no substitute for being taught directly.

As I worked towards the fitting it became obvious that some tasks took much longer than others. I have learnt to allocate a lot of time for pattern drafting and playing around with toiles, less time for the actual cutting out, and tacking up of pieces.

It has been difficult to keep to any kind of time schedule for this unit. I was very much held up at several points whilst waiting firstly for the cloth to arrive, then to be able to arrange a fitting, and then for the lining to arrive. As it is we still have no buttons. Additionally, it hasn't really been possible to plot out a work plan according to any kind of time frame. This is because we have been largely dependant on Graham's availability. It has more been about his finding time to give us, then us working as best we can to complete the tast before the next stage. Having not made a jacket before this was especially daunting and most of the time the process has seemed like an endless task extending into caverns and valleys unknown. It seemed never-ending, mostly because I wouldn't even be able to guess the next step, as well as including many steps that I would never have imagined.

I have done my best to accomplish what has been possible, working as carefully as I can. The jacket won't be finished for hand-in. But throughout, when Graham has given us a few steps and arranged the next lesson, I have done my best to complete everything in advance of that. Some times this has not been possible, due to things taking longer than expected. But I can't say that I could have worked any faster to be honest!

Overall I've done the best I can to my ability and knowlege. More than anything, the time taken to work on things will aid me in planning future tailoring units!

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