Sunday, 15 May 2011

End of week summary

Firstly it's important to note the extension to the deadline, of two days. I was in two minds about this to be honest: in many ways it doesn't make much difference as we still won't have completed the suit, and will need to do more work on it at a later date, before it can be given to Arts Ed.

HOWEVER it did mean that due to the extra time, I felt that I was able to unpick some of my waistcoat and correct a few mistakes which had been niggling (nagging?) in my mind. I'm glad that I managed to do this - though still not 100% sure of the success of the cut at least some of the other details are a little better.

I also finished my trousers. So the aim of completing waistcoat & trousers for hand-in has been readily achieved!

We continue, and continue, and continue working on the jacket. This is the real challenge, I feel. I was feeling quite put off by the whole thing: we are learning lots of new techniques, such as the pad stitching. Everything to do with maknig up the jacket is new, really: I certainly have never done it before. It's so utterly different to the theatrical costume making I've done in the past: 17th Cent. man's doublet and 18th Cent. woman's jacket. But I am actually enjoying this. I'm trying to understand things as fully as possible. The use of the canvases and breast felt is really clever, in smoothing out the chest and creating a lovely, perfect line across the body. Doing this project is helping me understand tailoring in the broader sense of the world: I find myself analysing techniques used when looking at menswear on the general public, and especially in films. (Watching The King's Speech left my mind buzzing with the possibility of creating those pointed lapels, and obsessing over shoulder padding with ice wool! I'm becoming obsessed!)

My understanding of how things work in tailoring is slowly building up. This is really helpful in getting a general idea of what I'm doing. But things are far from perfect. Graham made us all feel much better about the story of his first jacket, which apparently was so awful he couldn't bear to wear it out of his bedroom! I'm really hoping that my suit isn't quite as bad as that - and to be honest with Graham's experience as a teacher I don't think it will be. (Hope so at least!) But I really am coming to terms with the fact that far from an exercise in displaying perfection, this suit has been an  introduction to future work. There is going to be a lot of time before I get a perfect suit! I'm coming to accept this, which has been hard, given that I am a perfectionist.
I've come to appreciate tailoring from process-led approach. I need to take time to do things, not rush. Saying that I do feel that I have been working well according to the time available.

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