Sunday, 8 May 2011

End of week summary

So my aim this week was to complete waistcoat and trousers, and do as much of the jacket as was possible

The lining arrived (!!) so I completed the waistcoat, but without buttonholes or buckle; worked on the jacket; but have not completed the trousers as planned. After struggling with the lack of detail in the trouser instructions I carried on following advice in a technique book and did basicaly did some things which weren't really correct. It's not a matter of Graham's methods being definitely and obviously better than the tailor who wrote the book. It's my own judgement and being able to see that a different method (completely unknown to me, and that I wouldn't have imagined!!) definitely works better.

In some ways I am a little annoyed at myself for ploughing forward and not having the patience to wait. I was led by my concern over getting the project further ahead. Since meeting with Graham this week I feel more accepting of the fact that the suit simply will not be finished for hand-in. It is more about the quality of the pieces than the level to which they are finished.

But in other ways I am glad to have made the mistake. The mistake of being hasty, and from that the true realisation of why one method is preferable over another. Because of this, the better method has really been ground into my head (or whatever the expression is) and I know that I certainly won't make this mistake again.

The trousers and waistcoat are expected to be complete (which is achievable) but the jacket will be incomplete. We work on it at points when Graham is available after it is marked. Of course the suits won't be given to Arts Ed until they are fully completed.

I am also quite accepting of the fact that the suits aren't perfect. A hard thing to admit for me since I am a perfectionist, and tend to be really hard on myself. But yes I'm trying to accept this, and that it will be several suits in the future until I get one spot on. Luckily my boy-friend seems more than willing to wear my efforts along the way so at least there is a market for more imperfect suits...!

So much of this project is about setting myself up for the future. Learning all the techniques on this (not very complicated in cut, let's face it) suit so that I can go on to make a) better quality and b) more interesting suits in the future. Unveiling lots of hidden tricks that I would never have thought of. The mistake on this pair of trousers I plan to rectify by making another pair of trousers in the summer which are perfect.

Or as perfect as I can get them at any rate!!

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