Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Organising the fitting

When it was decided that the fitting should be at the start of the holiday I felt very relieved, as I would have the rest of the holiday to apply alterations and work on the waistcoat, ideally to completion.

As I am working over the easter holidays I initially wanted to try to organise the fittings to be on Friday 8th April, just at the very start of the holiday.

Trying to organise this fitting has been quite frankly a headache. I volunteered myself for the job as it was due to my own time restrictions that there would have to be a specific date.
The following problems arose:
Firstly I couldn't get hold of Ase, the wardrobe supervisor.  Phoned several times, also sent e-mails. When we finally got through to her, she seemed happy to organise a fitting for the 8th. At this point it was a week before.

Then began the weeklong nightmare (actually it lasted well into the second week as well) of trying to get hold of the actors. It turned out that the term dates at Arts Ed are different from ours as Bournemouth, and they were on holiday. Despite living in the vicinity only one out of three boys was willing to come in for the fitting. (The others were uncontactable.) So days and days of calling and texting Ase who was calling and calling the boys on her side too!

Eventually it transpired that they were coming back on the 18th April, i.e. the second week of our holiday. Ase was on holiday that week but willing to come in for the fitting which was really considerate of her and I did thank her several times for this! So we set a second date for Tuesday 19th April at 2pm, when it was lunchtime and we wouldn't be disturbing classes.

The methods of communication used overall have been  Ascallinge's mobile and texting. Writing e-mails seems more formal and perhaps the "correct" thing to do but in actual fact things change so quickly (and so often) that making a phone call is just the easiest and most practical way to go about organising. Getting things in writing is of course important, so for crucial happenings I think in the future I would e-mail to confirm the time/date and that I was coming.
Throughout the organisation process, and whilst away from uni, I have stayed in close contact with my tailoring team Natalie & Mary via text and also the Facebook group that has been created. 

From this I have learnt the importance of planning ahead! Once again this is one for the future: now that I have more idea of how long would be needed to put together a 3 piece suit for a fitting, when embarking on similar projects in the future I will set a date for a fitting at the outstart, and a date where everyone would be available. Ase could have put it in her diary and the actors should also have been free. As it was, in hindsight I should have checked the term dates right at the first meeting with Ase, and have noted down possible dates for a fitting. This may have avoided lots of stress and confusion!

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