Thursday, 7 April 2011

End of week summary

I am somewhat surprised, but after worrying so much about whether or not I would get the suit ready for the fitting stage by the end of this week, I find that not only have I managed to finish it but I have actually done this in good time, without really having to rush myself. I have learnt that tacking up the suit pieces ready for the fitting does not take very much time. Actually cutting out the pieces also did not take that long (probably one morning.) On the other hand, pattern drafting took a really long time (longer than expected), as did mark tacking.

This has aided me in altering my workplan. I think that what I am learning about the timing here, and the duration of stages will be incredibly helpful in the future as I will be able to plot out a work plan much more accurately, and set deadlines that are both achievable and realistic.

Now that I am actually sewing up the suit I find that I am enjoying the project much more. I still want to conquer pattern cutting (as I find it challenging, having only cut a handful of things since coming to uni) but do find the actual making more enjoyable. It is good to be putting it together and see the suit come together in this way. I have put the suit on the mannequin and hopefully it will be ok for the fitting!

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