Sunday, 3 April 2011

Current time management & thoughts on fitting

Over the week-end, I've been considering my use of time and checked back on my work plan. Last week (Thursday) Graham listed out clearly all the steps to complete for the fitting. This was really helpful as it clarified what a tailoring fitting entailed; I had been nervous of what procedures we would have to use before so it was good to simply be given a list of things to go through. I will write this out clearly in preparation for the fitting.

Anyway point being that Graham let us know exactly what we needed to do, which was good because when I was writing out the workplan I was just guessing the steps and plotting out the time, as I didn't know what steps we would be going through. Looking back on the workplan, I am currently more or less on time. I will have to re-jig it a litte due to factors like I thought we would have completed the pockets (at least on the waistcoat) for the fitting, but this will not happen until afterwards. Additionally now I am trying to schedule a fitting at Arts Ed for Friday 8th April, which means that I should be able to complete the waistcoat during the holidays. Previously the fitting was pencilled in for 26 April so this is much better!

All of this will serve me very well for the future, should I take on another tailoring project. I will be then be able to work more independently as I won't be relying as much on instruction.

Additionally I am learning how important it is to be flexible within a time plan. Some things have taken much longer than I had even anticipated, e.g. pattern drafting. Others have been much quicker, such as actually cutting the pieces out. I am trying to leave myself plenty of margin within the timeplan so that if I manage to get jobs completed more quickly it's a bonus.
I am also trying to be flexible in my use of time, for instance, I was doing lots of research for POP whilst Graham was unavailable for the tailoring.

Overall though I am still nervous about the ability to complete the suit for the deadline, as well as the POP essay.

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