Monday, 21 March 2011

Work experience 14-18th March

Running Wardrobe department at the Queen's Theatre, Shaftesbury Ave

I'm now back in Bournemouth following a week's work experience in the wardrobe department at the Queen's Theatre, working on the long-running musical Les Miserables. I worked in Wardrobe during the days, doing laundry and repairing costumes, as well as creating any (small) new pieces of costume needed. In the evenings I followed a dresser, doing a different plot each night. I have worked in a West End Wardrobe before, freelancing as a wardrobe assistant prior to starting my degree. However, though it was technically the same work, coming back to the job after three years, I realised that I had a fresh new take on the role. My perspective had altered, I suspect as much due to growing up as well as my latest training. I found following the dressers really interesting - the first night my head was all over the place, just trying to understand how everything works! By the 4th night I understood much more, and even knew the order of most of the scenes. After this, I left! How typical. But the insight to how such a large show runs practically was really valuable.

I'm so glad that I went along, as I had a really great week and truly enjoyed myself the whole time. Most pertinently I think I learnt the value of having a good team to work in, as everyone I met was so friendly and helpful. I now feel much happier about my employment prospects post-graduation!

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