Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tutorial with Graham

Natalie and I had a tutorial with Graham today. We established the following general points about the project:

  • We will use theatrical tailoring techniques i.e. using standard theatrical seam allowances. This is different from the waistcoat that we made previously, in the Defining Practice unit, which followed the principles of traditional bespoke tailoring. This is because the suits will be going into a store & need to be able to be altered.

    I am glad that we are approaching the project from a theatrical tailoring point of view, as I plan to work in theatre after graduating. It is therefore good to know what to expect beneath the surface of a costume (i.e. seam allowances, oppurtunity for alterations) so that I know how to approach it if needs me. I plan to take thorough notes throughout, and also ask Graham about the equivalent approach for traditional bespoke tailoring. This way, I will know even more working methods, which may be relevant wherever I end up in the workplace. It is always good to know more than one way of doing things.
  • Jacket is very complex, trousers less so but no means an easy ride! We should try to dedicate as much time to this as possible. As we have completed one already, the waistcoat to be made in our own time.

    I am feeling very apprehensive about the time frame. I really don't know where to begin with the tailoring on the suit and will need to be taught the techniques and shown where and how to apply them. I am happy to get on with things in my own time after this (providing I understand the task in hand!) but it is just the amount of time that is available that concerns me. I have written a rough workplan for the Learning Agreement, and broken down the tailoring into sections:

    -pattern drafting, adapting patterns, cutting, mark stitching, pockets, canvassing, preparing for fitting.
    - applying alterations, getting to final stage, finishing.
    -Completing finishing. Button holes. Buttons. Checking for stray threads etc.

    Despite this I feel really nervous. I'm very interested in the essay I am planning for the POP unit, and want to spend some time on that as well. Additionally I have a part time job and other commitments. I don't know how I'm going to manage my time effectively. I suppose I will just have to keep working hard and be realistic about the time, and try to keep on top of things....
  •  Fitting - will have to be arranged for the week after the Easter Holiday. We might have to do the fitting with Ase as Graham unlikely to come with. Waistcoat not fitted; complete jacket, sleeve and trousers.

    Hopefully I will have enough time after this fitting to get everything finished. Graham has suggested spending the Easter break on the waistcoat but I am working full time for the duration of this and not sure how I will be able to squeeze the waistcoat into my sparse spare time! I suppose it will just have to be done!

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