Monday, 7 March 2011

Meeting with Ase Djarf

Wardrobe Supervisor, Arts Education Schools

I went to meet Ase at the wardrobe department at Arts Ed. She is providing the fabric & lining; the suits are being made to fit three students, and are for the department to have in their costume store (rather than being made for any particular production.)
  •  The suits are being commissioned for the professional wardrobe department at Arts Education Schools, London.
  • Suit designs taken from the book Men's Clothing & Fabrics in the 1890s by Roseann Ettinger- late Victorian-era lounge suits
  • 3-piece suits, one to have a double-breasted waistcoat.
  • The lapels on some of the images are too large, so not what she's after.
  • The trousers must be easy to alter. (Very important!)
Images given by Ase, from this book:

This image shows the style of the suits that she wants. She likes the lining detail on the inside, and the shape and size of the collar & lapels. The braid/piping detail around the edges of the pocket and collar, lapels etc could be included on at least one suit. 

Waistcoats. One to be double breasted, two to be single-breasted. They both have four welt pockets.

I'm planning on following this design, made from a cream wool with a stripe. Single-breasted waistcoat.

Natalie plans on following this design with the double-breasted waistcoat in brown herringbone wool (see below).

3rd suit in green checked wool. Smaller lapel on the collar but otherwise same style.

 Fabric: Tweedy green checked wool

 Fabric: brown herringbone weave wool, for the suit with double-breasted waistcoat.

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